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The metaverse is calling!

It's time to embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime™ with Paradigm Found, where the enchantment and artistry of an interactive storybook intertwine with a mind-blowing digital economy. Picture a digital board game meets choose-your-own-adventure.

This adventure unfolds in 'The Paradigm Lost' metaverse, which is basically humanity's plan B against a dystopian world that's more ice cube than planet. Decisions, decisions! Yours will shape your story and the world's (no pressure, right?), adding a dash of strategic spice to this wild ride.

The Paradigm Found

Engage in diverse Missions, explore rich fantasy worlds, meet a variety of characters, and assist them in their quests. Your interactions will propel the narrative forward and reward you with vital Resources and XP, essential for crafting unique Gear items that enhance your journey. And this ain't your grandma's crafting—this is high-stakes, high-reward stuff.

But it's more than just bolstering your inventory. As you navigate this digital realm, you'll face complex moral dilemmas and philosophical challenges, testing your perceptions of agency and reality. First up on your to-do list? Unlock the path for the Drifters, humans locked out and striving to re-enter this digital utopia. These poor souls got the cold shoulder (literally) and are itching to get back.

Loot, loot, loot
Untamed Worlds!
Carve your path
Shape Your Digital Identity
Who are you in all this chaos? The choice is yours. Be a CyberBroker, one of the pioneering 10,001 volunteers who thought ditching their human bodies and uploading their consciousness to the metaverse was a cool idea. (Spoiler: it was.) Or assume the role of a Zero, a digital shadow identity with some restrictions. And eventually, you might become an elusive Drifter, with details still shrouded in mystery. Or perhaps you'll embody a combination of these identities. Each character choice offers a unique perspective and set of challenges within The Paradigm. And let's not forget the formidable Genesis Mechs - use them to aid your journey and gain an advantage in the myriad of challenges ahead.
Forge your path

Paradigm Found is where strategy, storytelling, and economic mastery converge. Are you ready to forge your path and make your mark in this enthralling digital realm? Will you be the hero the Drifters have been holding out for? Come on in, the metaverse is fine.

Join us and craft your legend in the endless worlds of The Paradigm, once lost but maybe, just maybe, with your help, ready to be found... And hey, if all else fails, remember: in the metaverse, no one can hear you scream (unless you leave your mic on).

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